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of people have descended on san jose, the hp pavilion hosting the ncaa tournament bringing lots of excitement and money into the city. lauren scott is live outside the hp pavilion with all the hoopla. >> reporter: how are you doing. a complete college hoops feast here today. you think back to the last time that the tournament was here in san jose, was 2010. we saw great games. we saw butler, who went on to the national championship game. we saw murray state knocking out vanderbilt in the last seconds. today, fans from all around the country descending here upon san jose. take a look. the ncaa tournament celebrating 75 years of march madness. in three-quarters of a century of play, hp has hosted rounds of tournaments on five different occasions. cal and oregon with bay area fans. >> we're big basketball fans. i'm a cal alumni, too. so the two together is really cool. >> i drove down here with three of my buddies. woke up this morning, booked it down to san jose. >> reporter: and then there's the team from st. louis. the question that everyone wants to know, what is a billicka? >>
as president. new details surrounding san jose's tenth homicide of the year. police released a picture today of the man, did they suspect of stabbing a young mother to death on friday. the crime happened in broad daylight in a parking lot across the street from the sheriff's department. 25-year-old juan ramirez had been stocking sandra cruz for about two years. the 29-year-old victim leaves behind a 10-year-old son and was afraid of ramirez. she had a restraining order against him. >> she was doing all the right things. she was contacting the police department, reporting these crimes, pulling out restraining orders trying to protect herself from this individual. it's unfortunate this happened. it appeared that she was doing everything she could do to avoid him. >> investigators say ramirez may be headed to mexico possibly driving a dark green 1996 toyota pickup truck. if you have any information on his whereabouts, you're asked to call the san jose police department. >>> a developing story out of san francisco. three men were shot at a nightclub at south beach early this morning. shooting ha
the suspects could have been linked to an armed robbery in san jose. here's the intersection where the drive-by shooting happened and police were led on a wild chase through three east bay cities late last night. our cameras caught the chase north through 880. police tried to pull the driver other in hayward for dui and reckless driving. but he sped off through san leandro and oakland. the car spun out of control between 580 between harrison and park and police cars slammed into it to box the car in. officers say people were throwing things out on the roadway. they never found the objects but officers did find weapons inside the vehicle when it finally stopped. >> they pursued the vehicle in oakland where it crossed across the center median. the three occupants were taken into custody from there. >> reporter: police believe those three could be tied to a shooting in hayward early yesterday afternoon. a man was driving with his wife and child at tennyson and kalaroga when he was struck by a bullet and taken to the hospital. he's expected to survive. a hayward police officer tweeted around mid
three suspects in custody in a high-speed chase that were involved in a san jose armed robbery and shooting. we've been in touch with police. they say the robbery unit is not expected to be until 8:00 this morning. as soon as we get confirmation on that, we'll be sure to pass it a -- it along to you. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> police in south san francisco searching for a serial arsonist. police say three fires were deliberately set saturday night and sunday morning in orange park and near el camino real. they were all quickly put out. they caused very little damage. if you have any information, get in contact with san francisco police. >>> this is a pivotal week for people on both sides of the gay marriage debate. the supreme court will hear arguments on two same-sex marriage cases including proposition 8, california's ban on gay marriage. brian flores joins us with a local couple right in the middle of the debate. >> reporter: after years being denied the right to marry, a local couple says now is the time for the u.s. supre
for a move to san jose. ktvu's robert handa reports it comes the same day they promised to return the land. >> reporter: when lew wolff addressed a crowd this morning in san jose he did not know his plan would soon be up in the air. lew wolff didn't comment on major league major league baseball's handling on the request to move. >> so many aspects of land ownership and other influences indicate to us that we need to be in a downtown area. >> reporter: land ownership is a problem. >> reporter: today he ruled san jose made the move after the governor's deadline so the land goes back to the successor agency and must be sold with the money going to school districts. >> all of the agencies must get agree to the fact that the park is an important asset that would benefit all of them. >> he made that argument when he discussed the benefits of a ballpark. >> it is a regional impact. it is sad when we don't look at it that way. >> the mayor believes the deal is valid and plans to work with the agencies to keep the drive alive. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> homeowners in a nei
property in the south bay. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in san jose this morning where warnings went out several days ago. >> reporter: the city says it gave these people 72 hours notice and today they are planning a clean-up. i'm on spring street in san jose and you can see campers remain on this public property. the clean-up though is set to begin this morning. and the city says it's going up to its police presence here. about 100 people having living in this encampment near the guadalupe parkway river. it's one of an estimated 60 camps throughout santa clara county. this one is in the flight path of the san jose airport so it's been spotted from above and it quickly grew after another sweep of a homeless encampment nearby. >> you move them interest one spot and they pop up in another -- you move them from one spot and they pop up in another. >> it's frustrating but part of the process. we have to be consistent as i said in our application on how we work with people. if we continue to work, i think everyone at the city believes that we will have
for high school student hit and killed by a passing train in san jose. he was killed on tuesday, near a pedestrian crossing. he posted this video on youtube of him playing the guitar. the principal says he was everyone's friend. the 16-year-old was near but not on a pedestrian crossing according to san francisco. it has been ruled "accident." >> michelle shock is responding to the comment fromant gay comments during a performance in san francisco saying "i do not nor have i ever said or believed that god hates homosexuals and to those fans who are disappointed by what they heard or thing i said, i'm very sorry." half of the ought conference walked out after an antigay slur during her opinionance on sunday might. she said it was a description about how some people fowl. many of her shows across the country have new been cancelled. >> man madness is in full swing with both bay area participants in action. this morning, at 11:45, st. st. mary's plays in auburn michigan after middle tennessee state was bite in ohio on tuesday night. 12th seeded cal, my pairs, get the tournament start at h
will taken the caskets from santa cruz.. to san jose.. you can watch live coverage of tomorrow's service.. right here on kpix-5. new this morning. a swat team responds to san mateo general hospital after a patient sets a small fire. k-p-i-x 5 reporter anne makovec is outside the hospital with what's happening with patient. sgt. dave norris san mateo pd 01:18:32;05: everyone acted professionally. the staff, before pd arrived, were already moving into action...taking care of things to make sure this was resolved. officers say it's not what made the patient upset. they also say they can't release information on his status, due to patient confidentiality rules. the bay lights art installation is up now and running on the western span. ((ooh! look at that!!!)) it debuted last night. this dazzling display of performance art is funded by $8- million dollars in private donations. it will go on from 6 pm to 2 am nightly until 2015. san francisco's mayor is already imagining the lights as a more permanent fixture. mayor bite: we talk about this being a two- year commitment. (butt sot
this morning, firefighters say a space heater may have sparked a fire in a mobile home park in san jose. the fire broke out around 4:30 this morning in the manner mobile home park and knocked down a short time later. no one was inside. >> time is 7:03. happening right now dozens of people are standing in line right now for a chance to win free bread for a year. it's happening at the new budine bakery. show us how long that line is out there. and how long some people have been waiting. >> reporter: there are about 100 people in line and all of them are guaranteed a free loaf of bread 365 days out of the year. one of the first people in line came from sacramento. people are huddled out here. i also wanted to take a look at what 365 loafs of bread looks like. here it is. all these people are going to actually be getting coupons for a free loaf of bread everyday of the year. this is worth about $1500. i want to go inside and show you this brand new restaurant opening up here in cupertino. this is the very famous boudin bakery. it's the oldest longest running business out of san francisco. t
. >>> 7:08. hey, sal, you are watching san jose. how are they doing? >> well, right now not too bad. although we're watching it closely. things are getting busier. we're also looking at the commute. but the fog is kind of a little bit of a story earlier this morning. it was absolutely clear here and it seems to be moving around. there seems to be more fog today than yesterday. just keep that in mind. some areas are clear, others are foggy. moving along and taking a look at the commute at the toll plaza, westbound, 25-minute delay. it's been steady for that length of time before you make it past the metering lights. if you are driving from livermore to pleasanton, the drive here is okay. and then from hayward to fremont, we're getting a little bit of slow traffic there as well. >>> 7:09. let's get to -- let's go to rosemary. >> more widespread fog. take a look. i am getting this might be san francisco. you can't tell. san francisco, oakland -- it is san francisco, i'm being told. but again, we have overcast skies. some of us dealing with patchy dense fog, once again. i'm starting out
bridge right now. low clouds over san francisco. it's 52 degrees currently. oakland 55. san jose 55, as well. santa cruz at 53 degrees. another live shot for you, san mateo bridge visibility, not a problem at all. temperatures in the 50s for most everyone with 54 in napa. here is what you can expect for today. we've got the clouds and fog again this morning. not quite as thing as yesterday morning's fog. chance of showers mainly coming tonight. that is changing. we're pushing the showers back into overnight hours, as well. wet unfortunately for easter sunday. here is an area of low pressure. this is slowly moving towards the bay area. that is what is going to bring in the rain tomorrow mainly. that is when we'll see the heaviest rain. the timing of it pretty good for today. if you have plans outdoors. check it out. by lunchtime, just cloud cover but areas in green looking fairly dry for a lot of outdoor activity. even by 5:00 tonight it's dry. then we have the chance of light rain showers moving in late tonight and overnight we'll see more of the heavier rain, areas of yellow hittin
. reporter: now, this is san jose's first officer-involved shooting right now investigators are trying to recover all the items tossed by the driver, including possibly a weapon. police are asking anyone who recovers any items to actually call police a they can collect them as evidence. reporting live in san jose, abc7 news. >> ama: and a high-speed chase through two cities ended with the shooting death of a stolen car suspect this morning. daly city police spotted the car and gave chase. san francisco police joined the suit on highway 101. and then two suspects abandoned the vehicle. the passenger surrendered but the armed driver ran away. when officers approached, shots were fired, scaring residents. >> not something we're used to around here. >> raised the gun at the officers. the daly city police officer, feared for his life. discharged his firearm at the suspect. >> ama: the suspect was shot in the torso and died at the scene. >>> breaking news from the south bay. santa clara county firefighters on the sight of a three-alarm fire. we don't have any information just yet about injur
. there will three shoot on march 2nd in san francisco, san jose, and union city, and on march 3rd. >> there's another con concert cancelled. and now a tour from the east coast is in jeopardy. sergio quintana is live. sergio, a scheduled concert tonight and another tomorrow afternoon are now off. reporter: a twoat total of 2004 concerts have been canceled. two earlier this week, tonight was as no-good, and the sign has been put up for tomorrow's 2:00 p.m. show. it has been cancelled. ♪. reporter: tickedholders for tonight's concert were met by a trio of wood winds playing outside the box office. the show was cancelled. >> we can'ted to explain to them the situation and have a little music going for them to listen to and enjoy so at least they get something to hear. reporter: as they played and picketed out here, negotiations continued inside over terms for a new contract. these musicians say the san francisco symphony has several grammy awards so they deserve a bump in pay. >> the los angeles philharmonic, the chicago symphony orchestras, so we need to be able to offer competitive salaries
a new crisis for several community organizations. >> reporter: this is where many san jose residents come for crisis intervention or other counseling services. this is also the time when the counseling center begins identifying budget priorities for the next fiscal year. but there is a problem. they don't have account supervisor to help them lobby for funds. >> to me this is the district that can least afford to not have a leader right now. >> reporter: the filing process opened today for those wanting to replace him as supervisor in district two, the poorest of the five county district. many worry that the special election is too late for a new supervisor to have a grasp of budget priorities. >> there won't be someone voting on the allocation of precious resources during the budget process. >> reporter: community groups are organizing, forming coalitions to identify those budget priorities. they want to meet with the candidates to ensure when the time comes to fight at the board of supervisors district two gets its share. >> we have a list that we need to fight for and we are going
at the can carlos airport. 47 san jose as well as half moon bay. here's a look at the 24 hour temperature change. the blue-green shading indicator of the cooler start in oakland. livermore, san jose, mountain view warmer newspaper the north bay. so overall today very much like yesterday. that breeze kicked up out of the northwest in the afternoon. today, though, we are absent of fog. we are starting out clear. as a result the warming gets underway wicker. sunny and breezy. rain will arrive by tuesday late. looks like the tuesday evening commute will be dry. high pressure sitting offshore once again, allowing for the pattern to remain very much the same. so we are looking at the sunshine. maybe a few high clouds, but overall really nice looking day. temperatures anywhere from five to ten degrees above the average. 66 in yosemite. the falls keep going there with the snowmelt. 77 fresno, upper 70s monterey, low 60s san diego. taking you back home low 60s this afternoon. san francisco, upper 60s from the peninsula, palo alto, and about 70 today. san jose 72 in couldn't cruz. northwest winds t
near downtown san jose last night. police say a teenaged boy aroec approached a man at 19th street not far from san jose high school. they say he demanded money and stabbed the man. a few minutes later, the same suspect confronted another man three blocks away. the suspect hit that man in the head. both victims were treated for minor injuries. the suspect did manage to escape with some cash. >>> the woman accused of kicking a toddler in golden gate park is back in court this morning. i'll take it from here. sabrina bell was supposed to be arraigned last week but police say she could not appear because she was yelling and screaming in her holding cell. police say bell kicked a young girl in the chest on march 11th, knocking her to the pavement. the girl was not seriously injured. bell also allegedly threatened the young mother at the park. >>> the cyclist accused of hitting and killing a pedestrian in san francisco's castro district facing felony vehicular manslaughter charges today. prosecutors say he ran multiple red lights and stop signs last year before running into the victim a
. it took 23 cop cars to subdue the guy. reporter: now, this is san jose's first officer-involved shooting right now investigators are trying to recover all the items tossed by the driver, including possibly a weapon. police are asking anyone who recovers any items to actually call police a they can collect them as evidence. reporting live in san jose, abc7 news. >> ama: and a high-speed chase through two cities ended with the shooting death of a stolen car suspect this morning. daly city police spotted the car and gave chase. san francisco police joined the suit on highway 101. and then two suspects abandoned the vehicle. the passenger surrendered but the armed driver ran away. when officers approached, shots were fired, scaring residents. >> not something we're used to around here. >> raised the gun at the officers. the daly city police officer, feared for his life. discharged his firearm at the suspect. >> ama: the suspect was shot in the torso and died at the scene. >>> breaking news from the south bay. santa clara county firefighters on the sight of a three-alarm fire. we don't have a
in the afternoon we'll be nice. much of california, vegas, sacramento, san jose to l.a. and san diego. phoenix, one of the warmest spots in the country. one of the only spots in the country to get oh into the 80s. much of the nationhe northwest continues you will stay on the cool side. >>> good news for the west. it looks to be a dry weekend. >> do you have a man cave at your house? >> i wish. >> i know. i'm not even a man and i wish i had one. stick around for this story. it's amazing. >> all right. >>> first though obama care is on the move. is your state one of the 26 that failed to meet obama care deadlines? plus, have you heard the buzz over american eagle's spray-on skinny jeans? it may be the ultimate man cave, bill. 7,000 square feet of space. oh, yeah. this is for the man in your life and it is for sale. "early today" is back in two. >>> welcome back to "early today." here are stories making news this morning. a new report says republican leaders in as many as 26 states are failing to make obamacare deadlines to connect uninsured residents to coverage. if states don't act the federal gover
to the pavillion in san jose. this is called a fire bridge. two fire trucks holding up an american flag with their ladders. and people will pass under it on their way out. part of the service is going to be a eulogy and then a poem. they're maintaining their own individual services as well. i want to show you this picture on the marquee showing how hp pavilion is really dedicated to this service today. you mentioned the capacity of the stadium. it's about 18,000. it's not full, but there are an awful lot of people there from all over the country this came here for this service, particularly officers here from colorado. somber mood inside. they've been playing music and having a photo montage from both officers. i it's a sad atmosphere. >> thank you. we know that officers from across the country have come out for these funerals. many of them never meeting detective elizabeth butler and also detective baker, but felt the need to come and pay their respects. >> we're told between five and 6,000 officers from as far away as new york and los angeles and
coast. 307 in san jose. here's the look ahead. still mild increase cloud cover tomorrow. then we look for the rain maybe midday tuesday for some. more likely tuesday night into wednesday. then you notice the temperatures rebounding quickly after that system passes us. it's good. we need it. but also maybe you need another great weather resource. we have that for you from abc7. that's live doppler 7hd. follow us on twitter for the very latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine, plus you can get the video forecasts, spare the air alerts, power outage information and tweets from your favorite weather team. we will be busy. >> very busy. it's a cornucopia type of forecast. it has everything in it. >> i like that. >> and i follow you on twitter and live doppler 7 so i know how to dress every day. >> and those open-towed shoes. >> that's right. coming up next, the sweetest sale goes sauer. two girl scouts are duped into believing they sold thousands of boxes of cookies. oh, boy, how the >> welcome back. two girl scout troops in oregon were duped into believing they sold 6,000 boxes o
at the togo's restaurant in downtown san jose. a student eating there heard the commotion and rushed over to help. >> so i ran over there, and it was just empty. she was laying on the ground on her face bleeding. >> a police search of the neighborhood came up empty. police are still searching for ramirez this morning. they say he and gonzales broke up two years ago and she had an active restraining order against him. police believe ramirez could be headed to mexico in a truck that looks like this one. a dark green 1996 toyota t-100. if you see that truck you are urged to call police immediately. >>> new video of a tree that fell on a house in the oakland hills. it happened around 3:30 this morning on oakwood drive, the tree estimated to be 75 foot tall crashed down on the corner of the roof. the downed tree also brought traffic on oakwood drive to a stop. firefighters say they do not know what caused that tree to fall. >>> an investigation is underway into a crash involving a scooter and a santa clara county sheriffs patrol car. the accident happened before 12:30 this morning in the area
in oakland for today. en 66 mountain view and san jose and for santa rosa, the extended forecast. leaving in the possibility of a few sprinkles tomorrow and it slowed down a little bit. >> could take awhile for it to exit the area. chance of sprinkles tomorrow. clearing out by the afternoon. fair skies. tuesday, wednesday, another chance of rain moving in on thursday. i will take a look at how much rain we have seen so far out of the weekend storm, coming up. >>> taking a stand. what the white house is saying in the wake of the latest threatses from north korea and what the ambassador says about the leader. >>> how the state tracks sex offenders. it is causing an immediate threat to public safety and how they are responding. we will take you outside. that is interstate 880 rolling on through oakland. there is a crash on the off ramp. we check with chp, last of the spinouts and minor accidents around the bay area. wouldn't be surprised if that is is a rule of the wet roads this morning. be careful out there. this is "mornings on 2". [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want
for antioch. 69 for san jose. 71 for morgan hill. upper 60s for mountain view. just a nice pleasant afternoon in store. as we get into monday a subtle cool down. bigger change will come tuesday into wednesday. the chance for rain will arrive late tuesday. we'll leave it off the icon now. better chance will come wednesday. thursday and the models are shaping up for possibly a wet easter weekend. at least the first half of that weekend. i'll show you the future cast model and what you can expect coming up. >> thanks. >>> it is official spring break is officially in full year for schools across the bay area. since many students won't be heading to class, muni announced it will reduce some of its services during the morning and evening commute. people are being told to check the schedule ahead of time. meanwhile many college students are off to hot spring break destinations like mexico and florida. and as they do, they are being urged by police to use caution after several spring break related deaths being reported in mexico. >>> stranded drivers and dangerous roads as more snow hits the midwest
with upper 40s san jose, oakland. and already in the mid-50s half moon bay. 55 santa cruz. the 24 hour temperatures change you may have noticed in most spots. you notice where the yellow is. it's warmer. santa rosa, novato. we talk about livermore, cooler there. hayward a little cooler. upper 70s the highs at the sonoma county airport and gilroy yesterday. 61 half moon bay. clear and mild in morning. sunny and breezy today. if you liked yesterday we can expect again similar high temperatures. the rain coming in by tuesday night. it's out of here, though, by wednesday. here's a look at our setup right now. we've got high pressure off the coast. once again, we'll have the northwesterly winds build in throughout the afternoon. so anywhere from ten to twenty miles an hour. it did get a little breezy yesterday. today a repeat performance. we will have that and the cooler numbers at the coast. elsewhere once again we will see the 70s return. around the state today, lower 50s in the northern sierra with mid-60s in the southern sierra. upper 50s coastside. otherwise look at the 70s returning f
will be held at noon. that will be at hp pavilion in downtown san jose. a motorcade will take the caskets from santa cruz to san jose and you can watch live coverage of tomorrow's service right here on kpix 5. >>> the other big story today is the weather. it's been wet and windy all night. and there's more rain to come. kpix 5 meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the system. hi-def doppler and foul weather turtleneck is on. >> that's right. and i'm loving it! just nice to see the rain again. it's been so darn dry the first part of the year but looks like we are back in the rainy weather pattern now. the gusty winds out there, the main cold front has swept on through but it looks like more showers are on the way on and off today. we'll get some sunny breaks in between but still you will see some brief downpours. the heaviest rainfall right now toward the gilroy, morgan hill area, toward the 101 in hollister, traveling in that location be very careful. you will see puddles on the roads. and some very slick conditions. still, as we head throughout t
in the company. >>> well, san jose police department is getting ready to welcome some new officers. today more than 40 recruits will graduate from the san jose police academy. it's the first academy graduation for the department since 2009. and it will be held at 1:00 this afternoon at the parkside hall in downtown san jose. >>> 7:21. a little cooler out there. you will notice it. but would you like at this sunrise? that's a beautiful, live picture. rosemary orozco will be here to tell you how much cooler it will be and whether rain will be coming soon. >>> the fight to shut down drake's boy continues. now the oyster company is pulling in some celebrities for support. >>> good morning, traffic on 237, we have a little bit of slow traffic there. we'll talk about that and the new problem on the bay bridge. please. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the new hazelnut macchiato from starbucks. crafted by hand & heart. >>> 7:23. a lawsuit filed against a chicago mcdonald's says a child ate a used condom found in the play area. a woman says her son who was 2 years old at the time cuffed up a piece --
valley. 72 for you, san jose. with your weekend in view, if you are gonna be out celebrating st. patrick's day it will be a cool start but not too bad. a lot like we're seeing this morning. the cooling trend for monday. tuesday we're going to end the last day of winter pretty much on the dry note. the first day of spring we could see some rain. i will show you the forecast coming up. >> we need that. thank you, rosemary. >>> 7:08. we have new information about the former soldier accused of killing two santa cruz police officers last month. an army spokesman says there was not enough evidence to formally charge jeremy goulet with rape allegations. dna taken from rape kits did not tie him to the crimes. leon panetta and members of congress are demanding to know why the military let goulet leave the army instead of facing rape charges. >>> marin county has a new campaign to keep s.e.a.l.s safe during the puffing season -- seals safe during the puffing season. marin biologists calling you to remind -- asking you to call the marine center if you
not to be a hurdle. >> it's defendnily doable in this market on these dayses. >> reporter: the teams and san jose will be seen by millions throughout television land. >> this is a great advertisement for the city of san jose to show case itself as a major player in athletics and a major player as a city in the united states. >> with the hockey season being cut in half, march madness brings merchants madness. >> we get more people to work. >> much bigger than any sort of event that goes on hp typically. could be bigger than a sharks game. they will be coming over all day long. >> reporter: local businesses lost at least one-third of their businesses during the nhl lockout. >> >> you can view the brackets for the ncaa 2a tournament by going to our website. >>> nfl agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by the league's players, the players claim that the league used their names and money without their permission. the settlement create as new licensing agency to make sure retirees are compensated when their names are used. >> >> talk about a couple of champions.
. and a ceremony in san jose paid tribute to dozens of servicemen from the south bay city who died in the conflict. today's gathering included the unveiling and dedication of a granite monument titled sons of san jose. mayor reed a vietnam vet himself says the monument is long overdue. >> now that i look back on it, i realize the tragic losses that these men suffered by losing their lives. the tragic loss their families suffered and it's good we can honor them with this memorial. >> standing 6'0" tall and 13 feet long the monument honors the 142 men from san jose who served and died in the war. >>> and in san mateo a chinese tradition honors their dead ancestors by sweeping their graves. it's called the festival. it includes lion dancers and traditional blessings by buddhists and monks to help scare away bad spirits. an estimated 6,000 people were expected to turn out for the weekend festival. >>> this just freaks me out a little knowing this could kill me. >> hundreds in an agonizing wait to see if their health will forever change after visiting a dentist. the horrific experience one patient says
's defendnily doable in this market on these dayses. >> reporter: the teams and san jose will be seen by millions throughout television land. >> this is a great advertisement for the city of san jose to show case itlf as a major player in athletics and a major player as a city in the united states. >> with the hockey season being cut in half, march madness brings merchants madness. >> we get more people to work. >> much bigger than any sort of event that goes on hp typically. could be bigger than a sharks game. they will be coming over all day long. >> reporter: local businesses lost at least one-third of their businesses during the nhl lockout. >> >> you can view the brackets for the ncaa 2a tournament by going to our website. >>> nfl agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by the league's players, the players claim that the league used their names and money without their permission. the settlement create as new licensing agency to make sure retirees are compensated when their names are used. >> >> talk about a couple of champions. lindsay von confirmed she's is dating tiger woods of the
in san jose is speaking out. the employee died after he was hit by a bus driven by his co-worker. the vta says 62-year-old service worker raul aposto wallas clean a bus when he was struck by another bus. the man's family says they took him off life support on tuesday, saying he was just two months away from retirement. >> it definitely causes a lot of concern. regarding the company. and the safety measures that they do take or do not take at these places. and it's just so sudden, something like this, tragic could happen. >> nbc bay area obtained information on a number of accidents at that division yard. since 2002, in total, we've learned there have been at least 63. a vta spokesperson says that safety is their top priority and promise also a thorough investigation. >>> police are warning shoppers to be on alert after a series of thefts at the great mall this week. police say there were four thechts in three day also in the mall's parking lot. thieves stole about $1,000 worth of valuables from three different cars. in another incident, a car was stolen. police are urging drivers to doubl
this message. >>> friday morning. what a beautiful way to start the day in san jose. getting all the oranges and yellows. sunrise with all the haze in the atmosphere. definitely more haze this morning than yesterday. that's because the rain cleared out our air quality. unfortunately, today, the haze will be back and the pollen levels as well as we head to the weekend. 71 in livermore, get together weekend. looking good. up to some shocking news this morning. 54 of the city's schools will soon be shut down. it could be the most at one time in one city ever. nbc's kevin tibbles has details. >> chicago public official schools plan to close the 54 schools in an effort to make a dent in a $1 billion budget deficit, make better use of resources and improve overall education here in the nation's third largest school district. >> i don't think it's going to be good for my kids. >> reporter: the news of the school closings continues to ripple across chicago this morning. >> i'm, just don't know where they're going to go. >> reporter: mayor rahm emmanuel says the closures are necessary after too much
city. mid 40s san jose under mostly sunny skies. pacific satellite view the ridge of high pressure still in control for your weather pattern. we have that flow. high clouds continue to spill in time and time again. leaving us with high clouds and mostly sunny skies. the system back here it's about hundred miles off -- 800 miles off the coastline. the on shore breeze is back. the cooler air mass moving into place. takes until about wednesday we start to see a chance at maybe sprinkles. your afternoon highs for today under mostly sunny skies. 68 for vallejo. 72 for napa. 67 san rafael. along the coast between the low clouds turning sunny and cloudy again scene an afternoon breeze. 58 for pacifica. along the coastline could be a little cool. santa cruz starting off mostly sunny and 68 expected for you. inland temperatures will warm once again. even a tad above average. 69 san jose. 70 degrees for pleasanton. there is your extended forecast. high clouds will return for monday and it will be a little thicker. the increasing clouds continue on tu
average prices are right now. san francisco: $4.25 san jose: $4.18 and oakland: $4.17 more bay area news-- u-c santa cruz police say, a campus rape that was reported two weeks ago-- was a hoax. police say, the unidentified woman. admitted to investigators that she staged the attack. the university police chief says, the matter has been forwarded to the santa cruz district attorney's office for possible prosecution. the woman could face criminal charges for submitting a false report. >> on to a developing story-- history unfolded in europe today. pope benedict the 16th has officially retired. until a successor is named, the catholic faith and its one-point-two billion followers are without a leader. here is the latest on today's final farewell. swiss guards close the door on castel gandolofo, marking the end of pope benedict xvi's reign. he is officially retired and assumes the new title of pope emeritus. >> i am no longer the pope, but i'm still in the church. i'm just a pilgrim that is starting the last part of his pilgrimage on this earth. (voice of translator) >> reporter: thousands l
clara. san jose will be at 71 degrees. beaches upper 50s to right near 60 degrees. 59 mountain view as palo alto. sunshine for you in downtown san francisco tomorrow, mid-60s there. 64 for south city and in the north bay, petaluma, 71. 70 for san rafael. sausalito, 65 tomorrow. 72 for napa and plenty of sunshine. oakland is 68. east bay hills, temperatures will climb into the mid-70s. 75 for antioch. 72 for concord and pleasant on tomorrow, 70 degrees. lots of sunshine, breezy near the coast. 60s and 50s elsewhere and then we'll look for increasing clouds on monday. temperatures start to drop on tuesday. rain returns to the bay area by late tuesday afternoon, tuesday night. showery, cold showers on wednesday and then we'll warm things back up by next weekend and friday and saturday. wednesday, spring arrives! >> carolyn: we could use that rain. all right. the hockey lockout long over. michael schumann talking hockey. >> a shortened season, sharks in l.a. facing the kings. currently tied with minnesota with sixth playoff spot in the west. they need to get busy. sharks getting support
periods of rain. one exiting san jose driving on interstate 5 periods of off and on rain but nothing too heavy or too hard. forecast for today showers make their way down l.a. again, not a huge, huge inconvenience. >> thanks so much, bill. >>> turning now to entertainment, "daily show" host jon stewart is taking a three-month break this summer to direct his first film. no, it's not a comedy, but a drama based on a true story about one journalist's imprisonment following the 2009 iranian presidential election. comedian john oliver will guest-host. >> the band train is pulling out of this year's boy scout jamboree. they cited the boy scouts anti-gay policy as a reason. >>> did kate middleton accidentally reveal she's having a girl? a telegraph reports when the duchess accepted a teddy bear, she said, "thank you, i'll take that for my da"-- with a "d." middle in the denied she was about to take it for her daughter. >>> well, tony stark fans rejoice, "ironman 3" is officially in production -- and we have a sneak peek. >> we're buying tickets right now. >>> and finally, could this song replac
, this is "early today," just your first stop of the day, on your nbc station. >>> in the san jose mercury news, catholics hope pope francis can change the chump. the first pontiff being from the americas, signaling the return to the apostolic mission. >>> and in "the washington post," nra money helped reshape gun law. three decades changing perception of the second amendment. >>> and now to a little bit of pope trivia. wednesday cardinal jorge mario bergoglio assumed the new role and new name pope francis. which makes us wonder why do popes take on new names? apparently, the first pope to do so was named mercuius had to change because of its pagan roots. so he chose john ii. what are the most common names. john has been used 23 times. benedict and gregory are tied at number two, both used 16 times. the most recent being pope benedict xvi. a few notable selections that have not been repeated, pope linus spelled like the peanuts character and pope lando. all humor aside it was a historic day. let's take one more look at the sights and sounds from the last 24 hours. ♪ [ speaking foreign languag
to see you right back here tomorrow evening. good night. an east san jose woman's 11-month-old daughter sitting in the back of the family's suv as it warmed up in the driveway. in a moment, both were gone, sparking an amber alert and a statewide search. after hours of searching, the ordeal ended, at least for mother and baby. trujillo tracked the search and they're still looking for a suspect, damien. >> that's right. as of now, the family has not returned to their home on amargar court. the baby is safe, and meanwhile, the hunt is on for the baby's kidnapper. the mother walked into the er with detectives just before noon. >> we're just happy we're able to reunite gabriella with her mother. >> reporter: it started at the family home on amargor court. someone got into the car the family was warming up and took off, baby strapped in a car seat. at one point police closed off highway 101 north of trimbull road looking for evidence. it wasn't until maintenance worker julio remembered the amber alert he got on his phone. he checked the plates of a white jeep liberty at this apartment complex
morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia cannon. san jose police looking for your help to catch two people that followed people off the rail and robbed them. they say a man in the white shirt and the man in the black shirt followed the victims off the light rail at the station three weeks ago, threatened to shoot the victims if they didn't hand over money. luckily, no one has been hurt. if you see anything, call police. i want to call christina on the forecast. it is going to be nice today. >>> it really is. once we get rid of all this cloud cover. that sun is outburning that top layer you have a. by 9:00 a.m., we should be mostly clear. i want to point out even with all those low clouds, we are running out of town. all flights across every major airport in this nation reporting on time right now. that's the good news. temperatures today are going to be close to 80 degrees in places like livermore. 78 in gilroy and 80 degrees straight up in fairfield as we head throughout the next couple of days. we start to get more active. expecting a pretty active easter sunday. keep that in mind
the triple-a fuel gauge. san francisco is at $4-28 a gallon at $4-00 houghton, $4.18, san jose, $4.17. but--oakland, $4.17 a preferred f kings means also, the most unlikely couple, going together. a dennis rodman and the korean leader. >> pam: history unfolds at the vatican today. in 600 years to resign he is officially retired and assumes the new title of thousands lined up to witness history thursday. and welcome him into retirement. until a successor is named -- the catholic faith and its 1-point-2 billion followers are without a leader. >> pam: tim lincecum may be headed to court after being accusedgary has that story straight ahead plus. straight ahead plus. [ lorelonzo ] o i'm lorenzo. i woi rk for 47 differffent companies. well, te, chnically i workwo for one. that com cpany, the united stas postal service® works fos r thousands of home businesses. becauscae at® you can capay, print and had ve you yr packages pickp for frr ee. i can caeven denrop off free b. i wei ar a lot of hats. well, te, chnically i wear on. the u.s.u. postal service®, no bus biness too small.l. >
into the evening. 68 in santa teresa. 68 degrees comfort right here in san jose. a little bit cooler at the coast, not by much. about 65 degrees in ocean beach. getting into the next couple days, the rain moves in late tomorrow, continues through wednesday. we're going to clear you out by thursday and enjoy a nice sunny finish to the weekend. >>> did harry approve of the forecast? >> yes. >> just making sure. for your latest forecast any time check it out on >> thank you very much. coming up oscar winner nicolas cage live in our studio to tell us about his new animated movie. a rare glimpse into the private life of the queen right after this. [ poof! ] hey there, henderson family. i'm your rav4 genie. your wish is my command. i wish the old spare tire was gone. really? out of everything in the...okay. [ snaps fingers ] oh no, i meant... i wish animals could talk. much better. i wish the old spare tire was gone. [ laughs ] oh, i wish i could eat as much chocolate as i want. well, your chocolate levels are dangerously low. now gladys is gonna start you on a chocolate iv. and here are s
. known for songs including "do you know the way to san jose" and "walk on by." her spokesperson said she was the victim of bad financial management. >>> a couple of close calls and two amazing videos to show this morning. take a look. a bus driver is being hailed as a hero after -- >> oh! >> i know. a car hit a lamppost sending it through the bus in china. the driver was injured. he ruptured his spleen but managed to stop the bus and saved those passengers. unbelievable. >> reflexes. >> unbelievable, i know. and look at this. in dayton, ohio, first responders were on the scene of an accident tuesday on a snowy road when a pickup skidded into one of the firefighters on the left of the screen. unbelievable. he was injured. dayton, ohio. he is hospitalized but thankfully is expected to fully recover. that's in dayton, ohio. >>> and al, this one's especially for you. the a-team's mr. t. was on the ice last night during a break in the blackhawks/flames game. showed off his skills. icago native was right on target after he was heard saying, quote, i pity that puck, or day i say i pity that puc
as well. >> here is a live look outside in san jose. we will have more on your weather coming up. >> and eight year-old girl who was shot by and arrow outside a uc berkeley science center is recovering this morning. doctors removed a arrow from her leg yesterday. the year-old girl was climbing on a large whale sculpture at the lawrence hall of science when she was shot. it was part of a school trip at the science center. witnesses say that there were other students and the play area when debt as a then happened to. if she was crying a little bed but she was released,. the teachers were consol in her until the ambulance arrived. >> investigators are now trying to figure out where the arrow came from. 11 their witnesses' statements suggesting that might have been shot from somewhere north of the science center. >> police will wrapup patrols following the shooting death of a man outside of the richmond bart station earlier this month. this is video of the shooting scene. bart police will have one of three officers who will control the line from richmond to berkeley at the richmond s
will be in the upper 50s by the time the parade begins around 11:30 with 70 in san jose morgan hill and low 70s up to richmond. a few degrees cooler tomorrow. rain arrives tuesday into wednesday. >> katie: thank you, lisa. next, why police released a man suspected of this violent bank takeover, now they can't find him. it marks one year after sierra lamar disappeared. what is the family is doing to >> katie: good morning, it's 8:00 a.m. on this saturday morning, i'm katie marzullo. we want to to start off with the quick look at the weather. >>> good morning to you, here is a look from vollmer peak and look at all the sunshine but the visibility has been a problem around the bay. we're talking about a mile and a half up towards napa. two and a half down around san carlos airport. novato about the same and livermore socked in right now. san jose with the clouds around and three-mile visibility at half moon bay. we have high pressure pushing down on the atmosphere allowing for the dense fog in spots this morning. otherwise, look for a cool breezy day at our coast with upper 50s and sun will be trying
. we are following breaking news in san jose. c.h.p. is investigating a faith accident on interstate 280. it happened before 3:30 this morning. it is not known if a man was hit by cars on the freeway or died another way. this is a look at the scene. a sig-alert has been issued. this will probably be an issue for drives this morning. we will get more on that from sue in a couple of minutes. >> three marines have been shot dead at the base in virginia, katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with details. >> the marines held a news conference the last 30 minutes. they had the news conference at marine corps base quantico, in virginia, where the shootings took place. here is the knewest information. three active duty marines are dead, one is the suspected shooter. authorities say he killed a male and a female colleague. the base got a call, 9-1-1, at 8:30 last night no one heard shots but the base was put on lockdown. all three bodies were found inside a single barracks. there was never any stand off. this is called a tragic loss for the marine corps. >> we take care of our marines and f
in san jose. the traffic is so light here on 1 01. >> we do have light winds. the temperatures are currently in the 40's and '50's. it will be clear this afternoon. it really just depends on where you are. and looks like the chances may continue into tomorrow. friday looks to be the warmest day of the week. we do have unsettled weather that will last into the weekend. i will have full details of your extended weather coming up. >> we are problem free at the golden gate bridge. the southbound ride changes as all of the toll takers are gone from the golden gate bridge. they are not in transition to a automatic toll collection. it has not been a problem for highway 1 01 and the traffic seems to be moving okay. if you do not have a fast track you can drive through or register and be automatically built. >> the conditions are great for the east bay area except for 580. there is light traffic for the south bay peninsula. >> we are waiting for the supreme court for their second day of hearings. we will speak with michael daugherty with the latest perry ed we will cover the difference
and umbrella today. highs only registering in the upper 50s. 61 degrees on the way for gilroy. 56 in san jose. your 7-day outlook shows a different scenario next week. 74 on monday. >> reporter: and in the last 15 minutes, it's kind of interesting looking at how the snow has changed from these big, fat, wet, fluffy flakes to something your crystal and granular. this is going to be a very long and arduous system, savannah. >> al roker, tracking the storm flake by flake. thank you so much. >>> we move on now to the death of venezuelan president hugo chavez. he was a polarizing and outspoken figure. u.s. officials are wondering how his passing will impact relations with the oil giant. nbc's mark potter is in caracas this morning. mark, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. the mood in caracas is somber as venezuelans begin seven days of national mourning. even though chavez had long been ill and news of his condition had been worsening, many here were still surprised when he died, in part because of his larger than life personality. venezuela's vice president was clearly emot
. >> amazing what he did. >>> 12th seeded cal taking on number five unlv in san jose. thurman throws down the slam. lead to eight but unlv not done and stage a comeback. three from the side from anthony bennett and lays it there in for the missed read. rebels down by three. only 15 seconds to go. any christian laettner duke moment? no. cal bears win 64-61. they have a date with number four syracuse who won by like 50 last night. >> is syracuse still playing basketball at the end of the tournament? >> if you listen to boeheim, business as usual. ignore the scandal. >>> oregon deserves a much higher seed and facing oklahoma state. all ducks. emery takes the feed buries the three and they roll 68-55. tough shot there for oklahoma state. first tournament win since 2007. the ducks have their hands full when they face fourth seeded st. louis tomorrow. butler, vcu and st. louis looking tough. now the game that teased us. gonzaga taking on 16 seed. never before a 16 seed beat a one seed. game tied. eric beltran was money at the end of the game. gut check time. under 4:00 to go. bell nails the thr
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